VFAR’s Production Service

Overseas shooting without any connections or contacts can be challenging. Finding location, equipment, authorization, casting, accounting for weather and hiring proper local-production and staff are all complications that can hinder your project and incur unnecessary expenses. VFAR production approaches every project with a clean-cut solution to deliver fascinating and effective stories in an efficient and easy manner. We have a sprawling network throughout multiple regions worldwide, with our headquarters in Seoul. Create a professional production with VFAR with ease. Let us be your team for your project.

VFAR's Film crew

Our camera crew has extraordinary commitment, teamwork and expertise in numerous environments and setups to give you the best possible product. We provide high calibre people with outstanding capabilities: Camera Operator, Gimbal Operator, First Unit, Second Unit and Third Units (fully customizable to fit your project's needs).


VFAR provides various equipment rental options that allow our clients to use the high-end equipment needed without blowing their budget. This includes the industry standards from Arri Alexa, RED camera series, Sony and Canon.


Celebrities, YouTube stars, Social Media influencers and other online personalities are being recognised as powerful marketing tools for reaching a broader audience. We can provide you with the contacts and networking that will benefit your project.

Registration & Permit

We are proud to announce that VFAR has been producing unique visionary videos throughout the world to earn global recognition, expertise and permits ranging from Korea as well as various countries within Europe and America.